It’s Our Goal
to Provide GAMERS

Made by gamers, For gamers

Founded by danish company ZO24 in partnership with YouSee eSportligaen.

We are a clothing company focusing on private label clothing and we wanted to create a one of a kind esport t-shirt made specifically for gaming. As gamers ourselves we know exactly what makes clothing great for the long night grinds and intense gameplay, this is exactly why we created PWND. A brand focused on clothing for gamers.


We want to change how you see gaming clothes. Think of normal sports like soccer or basketball. If you wanna play these sports the first thing you do is to buy sports clothing for it, shorts, t-shirts etc. And we think it should be the same for gaming. So instead of sitting in your old and smelly hoodie, it should be mainstream to play in esport clothing. Clothing made to make it as comfortable as possible for you to game.


We have high ambitions for making the world’s best esport clothing and products. We focus on quality and sustainability, and most importantly, what we want to wear and use ourselves.


Our focus lies on esports, and therefore team clothing. That’s why we created the kitbuilder, so that you can take our player jersey and make it your own, with your logo, gamertag and of course design it with your team colors and feel.


It’s free to try, so why not give it a go? Start designing.